Memory loss symptoms

Everyone forgets. Sometimes we forget where we placed the remote or fail to remember a birthday or appointment. But the illness of memory loss is quite different from ordinary forgetfulness. If you can recognize the symptoms early, it can be a big help in getting your loved one the help he or she needs. The following signs may indicate whether someone should be examined or even need placement in a memory care facility.


Social isolation


Acting disoriented

Poor eating habits

Getting lost when walking or driving


Other behavioral issues


It’s not easy when a family member or someone close to you develops memory loss. And more families are struggling with this issue, because Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are on the rise as the population ages. Experts believe that diet, lifestyles and other facts such as high blood pressure are also factors . Memory loss should be taken seriously because it is an illness that can lead to a number of other problems. Indeed, families of sufferers or those close to a memory loss sufferer find themselves dealing with many concerns. Memory loss patients are prone to wander into unsafe situations. Families can find it hard to manage their medications and provide the right care. And then there’s the emotional pain of watching a person you love drift away, becoming a stranger. In addition to all of this, it’s not always easy to notice the problem because it happens gradually. It often takes a crisis to draw attention to memory loss.


Even though they suffer from loss of memory, patients at Reflections are still individuals and each one has unique needs. Ours is a person-centered method of caring that is sensitive to the personal needs of each individual. Our memory loss patients enjoy the freedom to do the same things they enjoyed at home, and they’re cared for by a team that has helped us win national recognition for skilled nursing and rehabilitation services. Our activities and the environment itself are both designed to help patients live life as fully as possible. At Reflections, those are just a few reasons families of memory loss sufferers can have confidence in the care we will provide their loved ones.