Memory care

When it comes to helping patients live with dignity, we leave no stone unturned. Significant memory loss is not a natural part of aging. But in spite of the seriousness of memory loss, there’s reason for hope. With skilled care, Alzheimers and dementia can be managed and people can lead happy, fulfilling lives. When you need more help than you can realistically offer at home, our Reflections memory care program is here to provide the services, atmosphere and staff that allows each person to live their lives fully and in dignity.

12, well- appointed, semi-private rooms

Barbershop, beauty shop, laundry

Attractive courtyard and garden, comfortable common
areas for socializing and relaxing.



Comfort in knowing.

Because Pat and her husband, a patient named Tim, both worked in Cuba City for many years, they knew a lot of people within the community and at Epione. This gave Pat added comfort, knowing Tim was among family, friends and neighbors.